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    composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and lyricist
from alternative to epic pop music - handmade


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In April 2020 the decision to open up to the world was made and Rojanne is now represented on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and here. Glad, your made it here - take a deep dive in :-) For upcoming releases and dates scroll down! 


Heartbreak is Rojanne's first collection of newborn songs. Diving into oceans, climbing over mountains. It includes 11 original songs exclusively written by Rojanne. "Take Your Crown" and "Riots in Russia" feature guest musician Levent Altuntas on violin. Just listen....

Heartbreak - Official Lyric Video

Just like a heartbreak - right in the middle. One for me - and one for you.

Official Lyric Video - "Heartbreak"

Every song has a soul and this soul speaks to you through music - and through words. Sneak peak the other 10 songs of the collection "Heartbreak".


Jellyfish and Seashells

"Deep in the ocean there's lot to explore. But how can you find it standing by the shore?"



"We seem a bit overdressed for this party, my dear. The sound of your snow-white claps remarkably clear."



"Big emphasis in your faces, blind shifting - far drifting. On the screen, in the scene. On your plate and in your closet."


Don't count on me

"With the patience of a lion and the slyness of a hare, stories of a raven that you maybe care about..."


The Taxi - Yellow

"You smiled at me for a second, then you kissed me for a while. And I fell in love for one whole night..."


Ghost Town

"And I hear and abandoned melody, suffering from the stuttering air, left by the vanishing sea..."


Take Your Crown

"I admit you can't dance, - at all. But you smelled just perfectly and you were perfectly tall..."


Beauty in the B

"Yes, it might be, you tried to get out of my sight. What a misery we couldn't play seek and hide..."


Riots In Russia

"Riots in Russia don't seem to fuss us that strong. It's far away, ain't I wrong? The Bible teaches murmur, holy, holy"



"What kind of guidance is this? It's not a way to land. What kind of guidance is this? To show me that it's safe but where you stand?"

Come, meet me and my songs and let's begin a journey. 

Dive into this together!

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  1. LIGHTHOUSE - Mixed & Mastered by Christoph Seibert (seibert sounddesign)
    The eleventh and closing song - the Grand Finale - of the collection Heartbreak is picturing the greatest longing of all. Which may it be? 
    It is an full orchestrated epic pop-ode to the sea and to what is beyond and through the hands of Christoph Seibert it fully embraced the deeply roaring waves and the glistening spume that is pounding - or softly tapping - on the desired LIGHTHOUSE.  

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